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Buying a home? Consider WHEDA!

Rumor has it that it’s more difficult than ever to finance a home purchase these days. Most of what I hear in that regard is fairly exaggerated – or completely false. After 10 years of originating mortgages, I can plainly … Continue reading

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Big Banks Strike Again

News this week of $5/month charge for a debit card have me baffled.  You can find an AP video here and a USA Today article here. Bank of America announced that they would be charging many customers this new fee to replace … Continue reading

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Servicing “Retained?”

What does servicing retained mean?   Simply put…  great local customer service… Years ago, the mortgage industry as a whole seemed simple, didn’t it?  If you wanted a mortgage to buy a home or refinance, you’d visit your local bank, apply … Continue reading

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