Planning Ahead When It Comes Time To Moving

babyMoving can be a very stressful process. Packing, cleaning, driving, lifting and unpacking an entire house is not always an easy task. To make things a little easier on you, we’ve developed a list of considerations to use for planning the big move.

Things you should consider when planning your move:

  • What do you NEED to bring with you? Consider making some donations or possibly having a rummage sale before the move. More cash and fewer things to move sounds like a win/win.
  • What packing supplies will you need? Think about stopping by your local grocery store to pick up free boxes!
  • After making a considerable down payment on your new home, will you be hiring a moving company? Consider asking family members or bribing your friends to help with the move and transportation. (After all, every family has that outdoors loving cousin with the huge truck!) On another note, if you’re moving to another state, look into renting a portable moving pod. It might be more convenient than driving a moving van.
  • While your children and pets are obviously an important part of the move, having them around can be dangerous for their safety and slow down the process. Think about asking someone nearby to watch them for you during the move.
  • When you reach your new home, is there plenty of space to park the moving van or truck? If you’re going to have your own driveway that’s great, but for those of you moving to a location with less parking space, consider ways to make sure you’re not moving your stuff from a parking spot three blocks away.
  • Think about creating a plan for where your furniture is going to go in your new home, and label the boxes. Doing this will help make sure the moving in process is efficient and there will be fewer hazards to trip over in the front rooms.
  • Consider packing your essentials in a separate bag or box. It would be a shame to have to spend your first night in your new home without your favorite ninja turtle pajamas.

The better prepared you are the easier moving will be and the sooner you’ll be all settled in to your new home! For more tips on the home buying process click here to check out our other blog posts, or schedule an appointment to meet with one of our friendly Loan Officers today.

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