Jon Reetz - websiteIf you’re a current customer, you probably know some of #OurStory.  In the words of our 4th Generation Family-Run Bank President, Dennis Doyle, “we know who we are, and we know who we are NOT.”  Any successful organization tends to do something very well.  For Great Midwest Bank, it’s residential mortgage lending.  And now nearly 80 years into #OurStory, it’s that simple approach we take that continues to be the key to our success – and to the satisfaction of our amazing & loyal customers.

I started with Great Midwest in 2002.  I witnessed the sudden jump in real estate values for five years.  And the dramatic drop that followed.  Now nearly six years or so on this side of the “mortgage-meltdown,” I’m happy to report a vibrant real estate market in Wisconsin.  Though the mortgage industry has seen significant changes brought on by more restrictive rules and regulations, Great Midwest Bank continues to be that common-sense lender that Wisconsin has relied upon since 1935.  We were born at the height of the Great Depression and weathered a World War and the Great Recession aforementioned.  Sticking to what we know, I guess you could say we’re here to stay.

And if you’re wondering about the hashtag, we’ve adapted to the times.  We’re sharing #OurStory in all kinds of places.  Not just on our website, but on Social Media too.  Over the next few months, we’ll share some of #YourStory too.  Highlighting when we’ve helped Wisconsin families achieve the dream of getting into – or back into – a home of their own.  Have a story to tell?  Let us know via email!  We’d love to share it.

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