Four Ways To Save At the Ballpark This Season

miller parkDo you feel that? The warm weather rolling in, the smell of brats on the grill, and the ground vibrating as fans across Milwaukee stampede in the same direction… This can only mean one thing – baseball season is back! If you are planning on catching the Brewers taking it all home this year, you’ll want to consider these four money saving ideas before you pack up your grill and head to Miller Park.

  1. Go for the cheap seats

Let’s face it. Half the fun of a baseball game is the atmosphere, and when it comes to the Milwaukee Brewers the atmosphere is everywhere no matter where you sit. Consider purchasing tickets with a lower price tag or look for cheaper games to save money without missing out on the experience. Also, keep in mind that buying your tickets in person might also save you from having to pay any pesky online processing fees.

  1. Tailgate

Everyone knows baseball games are notorious for expensive food and drinks. Save yourself some money (and have yourself some fun) by bringing your own food and beverages to everyone’s favorite party in the parking lot before the game. Coordinate your tailgating needs with friends to bring the bill down even further.

  1. Skip the souvenir shop

It’s tempting to buy a foam finger or a new jersey while you’re at the stadium, but remember you’ll be paying more. Instead, think about buying your Brewers gear prior to the game either online or at retailers across Milwaukee. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be able to deck out before heading to the ballpark.

  1. Leave your car at home

Unless you’ve volunteered your vehicle as a tailgating base, there’s really no need to bring your car to the stadium. Instead, carpool with friends, have your spouse or roommate drop you off, or jump on some public transportation. Miller park is also equipped with a surplus of bike racks if you would like to cycle to the game. Not only will leaving your wheels at home help cut down on the money you’re spending on gas, but you’ll also be able to avoid paying any high parking prices. You could say you’re keeping green… both environmentally AND financially.

Follow these game day money saving tips and you’ll be able to catch the baseball season from the stands instead of from the couch. Need more help saving? Open a savings account with Great Midwest Bank today.

Photo credit: Darrins / Foter / CC BY-SA

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