5 Great Ways to Save on your 4th of July BBQ

‘Tis the season for fireworks and BBQ! But that doesn’t mean you should let your finances go up in flames!


Five great tips for saving on your 4th of July BBQ:

  1. BYOM: Why not ask your quests to bring their own meat. Not only will this save you money, it will also ensure everyone is eating something they handpicked and sure to enjoy. In fact, why not make the whole BBQ a potluck!
  1. Ditch paper plates and invest in plastic dinnerware. These can be washed and stored for a few years. This way you won’t have to use your nice dinnerware, but you also wont be running out to buy new paper plates every time you want to have people over.
  1. Invest in a quality grill & take care of it. Cheap grills not only have shorter life spans, they also tend to burn more fuel, whether you’re using charcoal or propane or something else.
  1. Pay attention! Make sure you know how to work your grill (sometimes it’s easier said than done) and don’t burn the food! Clean it regularly!
  1. Plan ahead and make your own ice! If you spend the week leading up to your BBQ making ice you’ll have no need to go out and purchase a big bag of it. Why buy something you can make at home for free?

Save big and have a blast with these great ways to save at your 4th of July BBQ this year!

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Photo credit: schreiblockade / Foter / CC BY-ND

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