Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving

tgivingFrom setting the dinner table to putting up holiday decorations, there is plenty to do this time of year. Planning to host Thanksgiving dinner? Well, then there’s even more work to get done.

Lucky for you, you’ve made it to our blog! Below is a list of five tips you’ll need to host a successful dinner party this Thanksgiving:

  • Set a schedule and start time. Most recommend having guests arrive sometime in the late afternoon. This allows the host all day to prepare for guests and hopefully some of the little ones will have worn themselves out by then. Key word: hopefully.
  • Put down the devices. The holidays are a time to spend together, not looking down at a phone or tablet. Make sure everyone in the family, especially the little ones, knows that Thanksgiving dinner is one of those times.
  • Have a fun game or activity planned that everyone can participate in. Not everyone watches (or likes) football. Often times this will lead to the start of a family Thanksgiving tradition.
  • Before you start carving, let the turkey rest after it comes out of the oven. This is a good time to use the dripping to make gravy, make some mashed potatoes, or warm up desserts in the oven for after dinner.
  • After a long day of hosting, it’s time to kick back and relax. But only for a few minutes, because you’ll soon have to get ready for the holiday shopping season. There’s plenty of time to sleep in 2015, right?

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Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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