Small Remodeling Tips that Pay Big Returns

????????????????????Do you ever watch those “remodeling “ shows on TV?  It seems like they totally gut a room and then spend thousands of dollars and a lot of time turning it into something fabulous.

If you’re not quite ready to go “all in”, we’ve compiled a list of alternative, low-cost ways to get a big bang for your remodeling buck.

  • A new front door – There are lots of styles available. Consider different materials like wood, steel, frosted glass or combinations of all three. Remodeling Magazine says that you can expect a 96% return on your investment.
  • New kitchen appliances – No need to go high-end, but stainless steel and matching appliances will give you an 82% return on your investment.
  • New cabinet knobs/drawer pulls – Low cost, high impact
  • New faucets – Low cost, high impact
  • New kitchen sink – Low cost, high impact
  • Kitchen tile backsplash – Don’t go overboard with fancy tile or colors.  Choose more neutral colors and materials.
  • Re-glaze bathtubs and sinks – It can make a porcelain tub or sink look like new for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.
  • New bathroom light fixtures – Low cost, high impact
  • New bathroom faucets – Low cost, high impact
  • New lighting fixtures in hallway/dining room – You can expect to get an 87% return on investment.

Most of these low-cost remodeling projects cost less than $1,000 and some of them can be completed for under $100.

You also might want to keep this list if you are thinking of selling your home in the future.  It may help you get more money and sell your home more quickly.

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