(From left to right: GMB President Dennis Doyle, Live Mortgage Free winners Pete and Connie Swanson, and Hartland Loan Officer Matt Gaulke)

Stunned, sitting in complete and utter silence, Pete Swanson just couldn’t believe it. Our Hartland Loan Officer, Matt Gaulke, had just called him with some incredible news: he and his wife Connie would be LIVING MORTGAGE FREE for the next six months!

The timing could not have been better. Pete and Connie recently purchased a new home in Waukesha for them, their two kids, and dog. Having attended nearby Carroll University together, it felt only natural to find a bigger home in nearby and familiar Waukesha. The couple has already declared their favorite spot in the home as the backyard, which is roughly four times the size of their previous yard.

Having worked with Matt and Great Midwest Bank for the last eight years, Pete and Connie knew exactly what they were getting when applying for their most recent loan: upfront and honest communication regarding cost and rates. In speaking about Matt, who previously helped the couple refinance twice and take out a home equity loan, Pete said, “Matt made the process easy and comfortable just as he has done in the past. It was practically the same.”

Pete said it was hard to imagine winning the TURN THE KEY sweepstakes when he first heard the Great Midwest Bank radio commercial on 1250 AM. Like most people, he never puts too much thought into these types of contests or sweepstakes because “it’ll never be me that wins”. Flash forward a couple months and he’s discovered firsthand that “real people” do win.

The Swanson family will be using the winnings to remodel their kitchen floor and dinette.

Congratulations again on winning our LIVE MORTGAGE FREE sweepstakes, Pete and Connie! We wish you and your family the best in your new home.

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