Have a Simply…Local, Simply…Merry Christmas!

christmasThere’s not too much we love more around here than the holiday season! If you’re following us on Facebook, you’ve most likely seen us getting into the holiday spirit in more ways than one this year.

Why do we love this season so much? Well, not only is there an abundance of cookies and desserts to devour, but there are also plenty of holiday and Christmas memories to share! Below are two such stories from a couple of our most beloved GMBers.

Have you ever heard or seen of the movie Four Christmases? Well, Michele Martin, a Loan Processor in our Brookfield branch, knows the feeling the couple in this film went through. This is how she celebrates the holidays with her family every year, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

michele“Our family has a pretty traditional Holiday. We always spread out the Holiday Cheer by celebrating 4 Christmases within a week (Ty loves it!). We always start out with my side of the family, then Christmas Eve is spent with Rob’s extended side of the family. On Christmas morning, we always open up our stockings first, then pass out all the presents. Then, we go around the room and each of us will open up one present at a time. We actually take a break for breakfast, were we always have Quiche. After breakfast, we will continue opening presents. In the afternoon we will go out to my In-Laws house and sort and open even more presents, the same as at home. For dinner we always celebrate by feasting on a delicious meal of steak and shrimp.

It is a very busy week, but I love spending so much time with my family!!!”


lynn zLynn Zabel, a Loan Representative at our Brookfield branch, remembers Santa visiting them on Christmas! She says this childhood memory was just part of the holiday magic. Here’s her holiday story.

“Christmas as a child was always a magical, sparkly time. Aunts, uncles and cousins all gathered together at grandma and grandpa’s house for the festivities. We would sing Christmas carols and it never failed… every time we started singing Jingle Bells the back door would fly open and in would be Santa Claus with a joyful “Ho ho ho!!!”  He had presents for all of us kids and knew us all by name! I remember thinking how very special we must be for Santa to come and visit us every year. It was many years before I realized that Santa Claus bore a striking resemblance to my godfather, and that he was always mysteriously missing when Santa was there. The memories bring back both smiles and tears.

The magic is long gone, and so are many loved ones, but I still try to make the holidays sparkle for my grown kids and their significant others. I LOVE to give gifts to the ones I love and make each package look like its own masterpiece. Mimosas and cinnamon rolls are a Christmas morning tradition, and so is the food coma after eating Christmas dinner. Our lives are far from perfect, but two things we do very well: Laugh and Love. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Every family has their own special holiday traditions. Lynn’s and Michele’s are just a few we’ve had the pleasure of hearing about over the years. Whether it’s a childhood memory or a new family tradition, it’s always great to spend time with loved ones this time of year.

Since we’ve shared some of our stories and memories, we’re interested in hearing some of yours! Visit our Facebook page and tell us your fondest holiday memory or share a favorite family story.

From Wisconsin’s Simply…Local, Simply…Social Bank, we wish you and your family the happiest of holidays!


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