78 Reasons to Like Us!

  1. We’re in our 78th Year.  Started @ Jefferson & Wells.  Cathedral Bells.
  2. In 1935, when we were founded, a car cost $580.
  3. We’re Simply Local.
  4. We’re Simply Social.
  5. Mortgage Lending.  It’s what we do.  
  6. Seriously, we’re really good at Mortgages.
  7. More than 600 Free ATMs.  Find one here.
  8. Low Fees and Competitive Rates.  Get your own custom quote!
  9. Locally serviced mortgages.  Payments right here at home.
  10. Family Run and Mutually Owned.  For Main Street.  Not Wall Street.
  11. We love the Brewers.
  12. We love the Badgers.
  13. We love the Packers.
  14. We love Marquette.
  15. We love UWM.
  16. We smile.
  17. We’re on YouTube.
  18. We’re on Facebook.
  19. We’re on Twitter.
  20. We’re on LinkedIn.
  21. We Blog.
  22. Free Coffee.
  23. Free Cookies.
  24. Free Dog Treats – ask at our Drive Thru!
  25. Free Money.  Down Payment Assistance, that is.
  26. Sue Berg Roedel.
  27. Local, Experienced Loan Officers.  Find one here.
  28. No-and-Low Fee Checking Options.
  29. 5-Star Rated by Bauer Financial for our financial stability.  We’re here to stay.
  30. Great Online Banking.  Use Popmoney to pay friends and family.
  31. John Schroder in our Madison Office.  He’ll always put you first.
  32. Mobile options – Text Banking and an App to keep your life simple.
  33. Hassle-free Mortgages. Application to Closing.
  34. Home Improvement Loans for minor – or major – Remodeling.  We have options.
  35. We juggle.  <—-Just click!
  36. Realtors think we ROCK.
  37. We’re giving away $100 a week through March.  Like Us for a chance to win!
  38. Local, common sense mortgage approvals.
  39. Convenient locations in Metro Milwaukee, Madison and Chilton.
  40. Bankers Hours?  HA!  Call or email our Loan Officers anytime.
  41. Apply Online.
  42. Apply in Person.
  43. Apply by Phone.
  44. Apply by Email.
  45. Apply by Snail Mail.
  46. Apply by Carrier Pigeon (inquire within).
  47. We’re a WHEDA low down payment approved Lender.
  48. We’ll come to you to close your loan.  Even in the hospital!  Ask Greg!
  49. Our Customers dig us.  And they refer friends and family all the time.
  50. We’ll help you build your dream home.
  51. We have excellent penmanship.
  52. John Schroder speaks Spanish.  And is a heckuva Loan Officer to boot.
  53. Our Mortgage Resource Center is chock-full of goodness.
  54. We LOVE first-time homebuyers.
  55. We’re humble.  And it’s hard to be humble.
  56. Mortgages-made-easy.  We’ll help you through those unexpected roadblocks.
  57. By family-run, we mean it.  Now in our 4th Generation.
  58. We Know Who We Are.  And Who We Are Not.
  59. Matt Gaulke, with us since 2006, loves Country Music.
  60. Our Employees are often for life.  Exhibit A: Tammi Amundson.
  61. We pay interest on YOUR real estate tax escrow money.
  62. Portfolio Loans for those with a square peg.
  63. We give away AWESOME pens.  Seriously!
  64. Cyndie Higgins at Bayside.  Our know-it-all on Down Payment Assistance.
  65. We give away other free stuff, too.  Just ask!
  66. Our Greendale (Southridge) office was just remodeled.
  67. Our cozy fireplace in our Hartland office.
  68. To us, buying a home is personal.
  69. Donna Ouellette and Mary Ann Scheel.  Two of our Friendliest Loan Officers.
  70. Free Parking.
  71. Free Lollipops.
  72. We invented the Internet.  Or was that someone else?
  73. Jon Reetz in Brookfield.  And our voice on the radio.
  74. We take the time to give you 78 reasons to Like Us.  Talk about Details!
  75. We live where you bank.
  76. Dennis Doyle, our President, can dunk.  For real.
  77. Great Midwest Bank Timesaver Traffic.
  78. #GreatTips on Twitter.
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